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Comnica Contact Center

Reach out to your customers on multiple channels.Comnica CC is a virtual call and contact center solution for all companies ranging from the smallest enterprises to the largest call centers. A simple and safe cloud-based solution with easy access from anywhere in the world.

comnica contact center

We are always at hand and
work with secure solutions

24/7/365 felügyelet

24/7/365 availability

felkészült support csapat

Professional support team

technikai támogatás

Reliable technical and operative support

adminisztratív és jogi ügyintézés

Comprehensive legal administration

online tudásbázisok

Online knowledgebase

99,9% SLA, redundáns rendszereken

99,9% SLA on redundant systems

We help more than hundred
companies to connect their

You want to establish your customer service, but do not know where to begin?

You want to halt your customer’s churn and enhance their experience?

You want to learn about administrational and legal terms of launching telco services in the CEE?

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