1. Conversation through every available channel.
  2. An innovation to enhance customer experience and strengthen consumer engagement.

Why Comnica?

Because we always have an answer for our clients’ problems, even for those they don’t know about yet.

Because we consider problems not as mere challenges, but also as new opportunities.

Because we always use these opportunities to create something better.

And when we do so, not only our clients will share in our happiness, but their clients too.

40+ countries
18 industries
300m minutes of voice service
30m operator minutes
100+ IC partners
200+ clients

Since when is it Comnica?

Over the past years we have been working hard to leverage the synergies of our branches so that our customers can benefit more on our services.

We felt it was time to unify all the intertwining activities of UHU Systems and Calgo under a common name. Hence from July 2018, the name of our company is Comnica.

We have been active in telecommunication for 17 years, our main scope is providing contact center solutions and internet based wholesale voice services.

We made ourselves known as UHU Systems in the region, but due to our call center software introduced in 2003, but most of our clients regard us as Calgo.

New name, new logo and image

Clink on the blog if you want to know more about what else has changed.

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Our leaders

We always challenge ourselves to create unique solutions

Our company is continuously looking for talents who are ready to improve themselves and come along with us. If you want to join Comnica, send your CV to hr@comnica.com