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2022. 05. 04.

Digital experience in banking and insurance: here’s how customers feel about it

Reliability and no chance to go bankrupt: according to our latest research this is our most important concern when we choose a bank or insurance provider.


2022. 04. 26.

Opening your digital car dealership might be a faster journey for your customers

A battle tank, survival bunker for the apocalypse, celebrity time or an island: all these you can put into your shopping cart and purchase online any time if you want. Why wonder if buying a car on the internet became almost business as usual by now. 


2022. 01. 10.

Know your passenger: how connecting communication platforms can improve airline operation

An interview with Ann Cederhall, airline communications expert. Passenger communication landscape in aviation is transforming rapidly. Covid changed the rules how we communicate with our passengers. The most prominent trend is leveraging customer insights arriving from different platforms, such as an airline’s outsourced call centers and its own OMS. Ann Cederhall, aviation technology specialist, consultant […]


2021. 09. 22.

How employing a virtual assistant can spare significant costs for airline customer services

In this post we will run through a calculation of how much time and money you can spare on directing your passengers repetitive questions to a virtual assistant. We look at the figures delivered by the call centers of Wizz Air to give you some hints on how to develop your customer service operation for […]


2021. 01. 08.

How to win in crisis: an interview with Wizz Air

Comnica has been a telecommunication and customer service partner of Wizz Air since 2015. In 2020 the company chose Comnica again for supporting their international call centre activities in the forthcoming 3 years. The aviation industry has a tough year behind and 2021 seems to be pretty challenging too. We have interviewed Ewa Danecka, Head […]


2020. 12. 08.

Customer satisfaction during (and following) COVID: 6 KPIs call centers should focus on

There are many ways to measure the performance of call centers and customer services. Not all of these metrics are relevant all the time, but there are special periods when some of them become more significant. 


2020. 10. 27.

Where are your customers heading? Map their journey and you will know

The stake of customer journey planning is if you are able to convert a lead to a customer and also keep her. The stake is now raised by COVID with poker face: maybe you’ve have been confident about the whereabouts of your target audience on their journey, but now it’s time to redesign the customer […]


2020. 08. 11.

Customer Experience after the epidemic: 6 new rules

COVID has affected not only our everyday lives, but also our usual business routines. Whether there will be a second wave or not, we already know for sure that the rules of customer experience management have utterly changed.


2020. 06. 15.

Home Office: the new normal for contact centers? An interview with Simply Contact

Call centers all over the world have moved their operators into home office during the pandemic. What was an immediate constraint then, now seems to be an opprortunity. Simply Contact is an outsourcing contact center in Ukraine with clients all over the world. The company employs 400 agents managing 15 million inbound and outbound calls […]


2020. 04. 03.

Who will handle the calls during the pandemic? Here’s how thousands of call operators could work remotely

When it’s about customer service center, we commonly think of an enormous open office, packed with workstations and hundreds of people being busy. However, the same people could do the same job even from home. Introducing remote work can be a smart solution, not only to control the corona virus, but also to avoid current […]


2020. 02. 18.

Closely Watched Messages – Google’s verified SMS is out

When you receive an SMS from a company, it is often only the message content revealing the sender’s identity. As most companies don’t ask for a dedicated phone number (Sender ID) from their SMS service provider, it can happen that the very same number is used by other companies at the same time too. This […]


2019. 07. 16.

6 professional customer experience hacks we learned from the world’s best call center

Imagine a webshop with 7000 incoming calls each day, most of them answered within an average of 20 seconds. The customer service staff randomly surprises customers with flowers, cookies, and meaningful conversations up to 11 hours long. Zappos, an online fashion retailer based in Las Vegas, operates the world’s best customer service 24 hours a […]


2019. 07. 02.

How to measure customer service performance? Introduction to the metrics of success

13 billion dollars: that’s the stunning amount of profit with which Verizon, the American telco company stands out from its competitors. Guess why? It’s thanks to their above-average customer satisfaction. Whether you’re big or small, if you live off your customers, you have to measure satisfaction. To do so, you need to know your KPIs. […]


2019. 03. 07.

5 customer service trends that 2019 predictions missed

What should we expect on the market regarding customer relationships? Let us be honest: we don’t want to preach. However, we’re glad to tell you everything about the trends no one talks about and those we think differently of. So here are 5 trending topics in 2019 through Comnica glasses.


2018. 07. 01.

The Resurrection of SMS

In May we participated in the International Telecoms Week in Chicago, the biggest global event of the industry this spring. We were there to introduce our services as a wholesale and SIP trunking provider, but also to learn about the most recent trends of our industry. Here are the key takeaways on messaging, which was […]