2018. 07. 12.

TATA Communications

Three years ago, the Indian global telecommunication company decided to trust us with managing their Hungarian call terminations. We serve TATA’s calls on a system with multi-level redundancy, and the number of minutes we completed has grown by one order of magnitude over the last 3 years.

Call termination on routes with multiple securities

In September 2015, we have been approached by the Polish subsidiary of TATA Communications, the largest wholesale telecommunication company in the world. The company was looking for additional partners for Hungarian call terminations. After a brief correspondence and about 8 days of preparation, we exchanged interconnect contracts, and started to establish our system for the traffic we discussed. 

Our task was to forward TATA’s wholesale audio traffic to the network of providers who have their own physical networks. As we already were in direct connection with all major telecommunication operator and many aggregators in Hungary, we could provide TATA with an infrastructure with multi-level redundancy. Thus we could terminate traffic with the high-quality values excepted from us by TATA.

When you need a reliable partner

In 2017, the Polish center asked us to help them to organize the opening of their Budapest branch office. The branch office was opened by the head of the German subsidiary, and the event was attended by all important operators of the Hungarian telecommunication sector. On a business meeting related to that event, TATA Communications’ leadership named Comnica Kft. as their Hungarian telecommunication partner.

TATA increased the number of minutes we completed in the last 3 year by a whole order of magnitude. Earlier this year, the regional sales leader of the company said that in the future, they would put their trust in us with distributing their mobile, cloud based and voice services as well.