2021. 04. 04.

Comnica manages 10 million calls for Wizz Air

Wizz Air is the fastest growing airline in Europe offering routes across 47 countries. Comnica has been a partner of the company since 2015. In 2020 Wizz Air chose our services again for supporting their international call centre activities in the forthcoming 3 years which means handling 10 million calls through our virtual contact centre, from all over the world.

Serving customers through Premium Rate Numbers

Although the vast majority of Wizz Air ticket sales are made online, the airline decided to establish another type of touch-point with its customers: the telephone. In 2015 Wizz Air entrusted Comnica with integrating and managing the calls related to passenger ticket sales and general enquiries into its 3rd party call centres. With Comnica Communications, local numbers have been deployed in all 40+ countries across the WIZZ network, all under a single contract.

WIZZ AirThe numbers have been set up with a multi-level centralized IVR allowing customers to choose their own language, irrespectively of which country they are calling from. Comnica has served 55 million minutes during more than 10 million phone calls, while Wizz Air’s network coverage grew to 47 countries.

Centralized call-handling  in a single software

With this tremendous amount of traffic, the airline had to consider optimising their customer service processes. Besides provisioning the local call centre numbers across the whole route network, Wizz Air Group wanted to centralize their global call center activity.  Their goal was to distribute the calls real-time, based on the occupancy of the call center lines, optimize the call center capacity and reduce the customers’ waiting time. So they decided to introduce Comnica Contact Center.

WIZZ AirConsolidated reports, reduced talk time, increased control

With this decision Wizz Air managed to improve their KPIs in many ways through the years. The airline can now pull all call statistics and reports they need, and check the performance of the separately located call centres with their 200 agents in a single platform.

‘The reporting improved visibly and contributed to an increased oversight on the call center partners, as well as to an overall supervision by their management.’ says Ewa Danecka, Head of Customer Experience. ‘We also see our talk time decreasing, thanks to the developments connected to categorization of the incoming customer calls’. What’s more Wizz Air can create IVR recordings in all languages, and easily manage the sequence of the recordings, and the destination call centers in a web-based IVR editor.

Integration and development on demand

Listening to its client’s needs Comnica built an API to integrate Navitaire ticket reservation system into their platform in order to identify the caller’s language. Due to that feature the contact center software can direct the passenger to the local destination call center and thus reduce waiting time. Comnica also introduced Wizz Air a solution for secure payments via IVR. Now, when purchasing airline tickets and services over the phone, card payments can be completed in accordance with the highest security standards, without keeping the customers waiting.

As Wizz Air is planning to develop a professional omni-channel environment in the future, Comnica is already preparing to participate in some new exciting customer experience projects.

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