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We help you deliver flexible and reliable services to your customers.

We are not only providing technology, but also take care for all the administration needed for your operation.


Operating in 
local and international networks
million minutes
of traffic



Offering wholesale VoIP and messaging solutions for every player in the telecommunication sector.

Our services are supported by multi-redundant infrastructure in the network of the main local and regional exchange servers.

Voip call center
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Comnica SIP Trunking

High quality call termination services

Your calls can be transmitted to anywhere in the world with the help of our local and international carrier partners.

We manage your traffic through our multi-redundant network at uniquely competitive prices. Each call direction is available through several international operators, thus we can provide above-the-average high availability in the sector.

Our service includes a 24-hour NOC support.

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Comnica DID

Inward dialing numbers with borderless capacity

Your clients need international phone numbers?

With our Direct Inward Dialing service, we can provide normal rate, toll-free (green) or premium numbers in more than 140 countries. We provide excellent audio quality without capacity restrictions.

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Comnica SMS

A2P messaging at competitive prices

Short messages are vital parts of the communications portfolio, and most companies regard them as a key channel of the  successful customer services.

We guarantee the best quality and prices by accessing all major regional mobile providers directly on our network.

Rich Communication Services

The newly discovered short messages change everything we thought about sales and customer relations.

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Comnica Domestic Voice

Your single point of contact
in Central East Europe

Launching outbound and inbound call services for your customers expanding in the region? We are here to help you.

You can get access to communication services of several countries with a single contract. We spare you from the administration as well: Comnica possesses all the essential authorizations to launch  your service. In order to ensure the best-quality voice transmission we use SIP Trunking technology.

  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Scalable system
  • Built-in security
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Instant number porting
  • Emergency calls and short numbers
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7 tips for choosing the ideal partner to start your domestic voice services

Download our free checklist!



7 tips for choosing the ideal partner to start your domestic voice services

Download our free checklist!



client story

Wizz Air flies with COMNICA

Wizz Air has recently celebrated a remarkable milestone of 200 million carried passengers over 15 years. The airline is the fastest growing one in Europe offering more than 650 routes across 44 countries. Comnica has been supporting this growth through its customer communication solutions since 2015. In 2019 WIZZ chose Comnica again to leverage our call center platform in their international call centers. more

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