Comnica CC

Contact center in a single software

Reach out to your customers on multiple channels.

Comnica Contact Center is a virtual call and contact center service for all companies ranging from the smallest webshops to the largest call centers. A simple and safe cloud-based solution with easy access from anywhere in the world.

Call center and online
customer service
Telemarketing Lead generation,
Customer satisfaction
Market research Poll Claim management
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Customer experience on every channel

With Comnica CC you can contact your customers via phone, email or messages, and soon through video and chat.

Channels can be blended at any time or used as standalone solutions in campaigns.

  • Personalized messages from database
  • Occasional emails following client interactions
  • Mass SMS and email sending
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Smart call management

Neither customers nor operators are kept waiting – be it an inbound or outbound call, Comnica CC’s intelligent dialer connects people in a flash.

The call routing system can be configured by countless parameters for each campaign. You can use the dialer in preview, progressive and predictive modes for outgoing calls.

  • Automatic call distribution, skill-based call routing (ACD, SBR)
  • Click-to-call function to start conversations with a single move
  • Pre-recorded audio files for immediate play
  • Switch calls among operators or to external extensions
  • Callback, priority and quota management
  • Classic telephone exchange, PBX functions
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Easy-to-use, transparent operator interface

No need for installation, the client platform launches with a click. Operators can easily log in even from home.

A secure internet connection, a workstation and a comfortable headset is all you need to start working.

  • Modular set-up with a simple function menu
  • Customizable client database 
  • Scripts, terminations and operator states defined per call queues
  • Daily and total performance feedback
  • Multiplatform solution that runs on Windows and Linux
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Real-time control, continuous quality assurance

With Comnica CC you can follow all processes in your call center real-time.

You can control the operators’ work, the database of current campaigns and the deployment of KPIs (ATT, SLA, Hitrate), Also you can keep an eye on your clients in the queue. Listen in to the ongoing calls real-time and contact your operators via chat if intervetion is needed. Former call recordings can be found in a second.

  • 100% audio recording
  • Detailed logs of operator activities
  • Dialer parameters can be adjusted per projects
  • Monitoring customers and operators waiting in the quee
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Complex reports, simple visualization

Comnica CC logs and analyzes all data, then presents them in real-time statistics.

The software summarizes reports in clear-out diagrams providing comprehensive overview of customer service processes – not only for supervisors but for the management too. Reports can be forwarded in emails with a single click.

  • Reports with fine-tunable complex filtering
  • Easy-to-use intuitive graphic script editor
  • Wallboard function for displaying TV-compatible data
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Data protection and security

We are taking enterprise-level security measures in Comnica CC. Conversations are protected by encrypted data connection. Audio files and customer information are stored according to the highest technological standards.

Our cloud infrastructure is located in the three most secure domestic server parks in a geo-redundant distribution, thus all data are accessible from multiple locations. Customer data is managed in accordance with GDPR.

  • Geo-redundant protection against break-down of physical devices and network outages
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Multi-level authentication
  • Data protection logs
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Telecommunication services

Comnica CC also provides you a comprehensive international and domestic VoIP telecommunication service.

You can request domestic phone numbers in any wired regions or let them ported from another provider. International customer services can receive calls through local numbers in about 100 countries.

  • Number porting
  • Call termination
  • Vanity numbers and green numbers
  • Public branch exchange service
  • Integration with other systems through SIP protocol
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client story

Call Center Improvements at Aegon Insurance

68 operators of the company's network of 24 agencies use Comnica to make phone calls, while the campaigns are being real-time monitored by supervisors in the company HQ. Thanks to our call center solution's being integrated in the CRM system, following leads means no more problems for our company.


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