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Auto answer option is only available in projects with incoming call direction. After selecting the incoming project, this option can be activated/deactivated on the “Call settings” tab. It’s purpose is to define the method of call handling. The default setting is active.

When Auto answer is active:

  • The currently available agent who is assigned to the incoming queue will hear a ringing sound when an incoming call occurs.
  • If the Comnica Client is the currently active window on the agent’s computer at the time of the incoming call, the available agent will be linked together with the caller immediately.

It’s important to note that if the Comnica Client is not the agent’s currently active window, he will not get connected to the call immediately. In this case, the agent should navigate to the Comnica Client tab in his browser. As soon as the Client is the active window, the agent will be connected to the caller.

If the agent is not available (he/she is not navigating to the Comnica Client interface to recieve the call), the system will direct the call to another agent as long as the caller is in queue.

When auto answer is inactive:

A modal is going to pop up every time when the agent is about to recieve a call. They can decide to take or refuse the call by choosing “Answer” or “Decline”. Agents have to react in 10 seconds.

In case an agent is not choosing any options or declines the call, the system will direct the call to another agent as long as the caller is waiting in queue.