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A script is a written guide produced for agents to assist them with call handling. They appear as on-screen prompts. Their content ranges from material that agents are expected to recite verbatim to suggestions on how the agent can maximise interactions. Scripts are most commonly used by outbound agents in situations where a successful phraseology has been established. This is especially true of cold calling, which often involves skills that are hard to master, like objection handling.

Scripting material guarantees that agents deliver the same service in every interaction. Historical sales data can indicate the points in a conversation at which up-selling is most likely to be successful, and that lesson is passed on to all agents. Caller ID information can be displayed in the script, enabling operators to deal with the customer in advance and, if necessary, better meet the needs of the conversation. We can also include surprisingly useful information in the script for handling excuses.


From a technical point of view

It’s a questionnaire consisting of one or more pages where a limited number of input fields and textual information can be placed on a single page. There are different conditions for switching between pages, the input parameter of which can be a field already filled in, or even the value of a database field, ie they can be used to define jump conditions. Generally speaking, the Script Editor uses the names of widgets to identify which database field to perform operations on. Calls can be categorized by using a script to terminate them.

Scripts can be created by using the Script Editor.