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Sound downloader

The Sound downloader makes it easier and quicker to download available call recordings from multiple projects all at once.

How to access the downloader

  • Logged in to the Admin page with a supervisor or admin role, there’s an option to the Sound downloader in the bottom left part of the page under applications.
  • After clicking on the Sound downloader, the actual downloader will open on a new page.

A supervisor can only download from projects, in which they have a supervisor role, whereas a user with admin role can access all recordings in every project.

How to use the Sound downloader

The recordings/sounds are stored for 90 days by default after which they are deleted from the system.

Of course, in case it is needed, Comnica offers to store the sounds for longer periods of time. Not recording conversations can also be requested. In order to enable either of these options, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Filters and settings

Call time

First, we have to choose the period for the call time. There is an option to use a set interval (for instance: today, last week, last month) or a custom interval can also be specified. The year can be modified manually. In the calendar, the selected period will be highlighted in green.


List previously archived files

With this switch, we can enable the filter to show those call recordings which have previously been already downloaded. The system checks if the sound has been downloaded by any users before.
If the switch is turned off, then previously downloaded sounds will not be listed.


Overwrite existing files

In case this toggle is enabled and there’s already a sound with the same name in the destination folder, then the recording will get overwritten by the newly downloaded file.

Automatically retry in case of failed downloads

By enabling this option, the system will try to download the recordings until the download is successfull or the page is not closed.


Download path

This is the deafult destination path for the downloadable files. By clicking the browse button, we can select any folder to save the sounds to. After selecting the folder, the page will show additional information in a new modal, after accepting that information the new path can be saved.


Filename format

In this section, with the help of the modify button we can rename the downloaded files. After setting up the new name, it is enough to hit the ok button.

With the reset button, we can reset file names to the original naming template:




With the projects filter, you can list only those audio files that belong to a particular project.



Audio files to be listed can be narrowed down by their terminations (e.g. Successful, Unsuccessful, Ordered, Satisfied).

By selecting specific projects, the unique column contents and data belonging to the project become available. These can be selected from the Filename format drop-down menu, extending the filenames with individual fields of the projects.

In case the downloaded files have the exact same name, then all downloads are going to be unsuccessfull. It’s important to add a unique identifier to the file names, for example: the id, which is different for every recording.


In the project menu, it is possible to filter the projects, from which we need to download the available recordings.


Close and list

With this button, we save and close the filtering option and the system lists the available sounds based on the filters set and the available recordings.

Saved filters:

With the help of the saved filters, we only need to apply all of our above settings once, then by clicking on the “Saved filters” drop-down menu, selecting the “+ create new filter” option and saving it Szűrő mentése. for later use by first giving it a name. Several filtering conditions can be saved, the system remembers them and they can be used, modified and saved again later.

There’s also option to delete the created filter conditions Elmentett szűrő törlése. and to reset its modified state to default  Szűrő alaphelyzetbe állítása..

Listing available recordings

ID – the id of the call (Calls menu – ID column).

Record_id – the id of the record (Calls menu – RECORD ID column, Projects/Database tab – ID column).

Project_name – name of the project where the call belongs to (Project menu – Project name).

User_name – the agent handling the call (Users – Full name)

Phone – the called number in case of outgoing calls or the caller’s number in case of incoming calls

Terminating_code – the name of the termination – e.g. “Successful order”

Initiated_at – the starting time of the call

Calldirection – the direction of the call (incoming/outgoing)


With this button we can intiate the download of the recordings that meet the criteria set in the filter.


Below the files list, the admin can review the results. Besides the number of all sounds, the number of successfull and unsuccessfull files are displayed as well.

The system will display error messages in the following cases:

  • The user has no permission to save files in the folder they selected.
  • There are system files in the destination folder.
  • There is not enough space in the selected folder, which is why the download will be unsuccessfull.