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Handling calls, states

Call handling, manual dialing

Call handling, manual dialing Dial button – agents can use this button to dial or hangup a call.
Park call – agents can put a call on hold by pressing this button. The customer will hear music playing on their side. Agents can initiate a new call while a current call is on hold.
In case this option was activated on the Call settings tab within the project.
Pause voice recording – voice recording can be turned off (e.g. handling sensitive data) or on using this button.
Redirect call to another agent- agents could redirect their call to another agent in Waiting for Customer status. When the agent click the redirect call button, a modal will be displayed, where they could select an agent from the list of available agents.


The Pause voice recording, Hold call, Mute call, Enable Initiate a new call while in hold options can be activated / deactivated on the Call settings tab within a project.

Auto answer of calls

Auto answer option is only available in projects with incoming call direction. After selecting the incoming project, this option can be activated/deactivated on the “Call settings” tab. It’s purpose is to define the method of call handling. The default setting is active.

In case of auto answer

When an incoming call is inbound, an available agent assigend to the specific project, will hear a ringing sound.

In case of the inbound call, if the Comnica client is currently the active browser window on the agent computer, then connection is automatically established.

Impotant to note, that if the Comnica Client is not the active browser window (for instance agent is working in another window) the connection will not be established with that agent. When this is happening, the agent has to navigate to the client window, so that Comnica Client would become active again.

If the agent is not available for longer periods of time, then the system will connect the incoming calls to different agents.

If the auto answer inactive:

In case of incoming call, a modal will appead for an available agent. The agent could decide if they want to accept of decline the call. The agent has 10 seconds to answer.

Advanced record search function

With the advanced record search button, the agent could access the records in the database of the specific projects they are logged into..

Activating advanced record search

The advanced record search button could be activated for each project separately. In the call settings, you could enable advanced record search by going into the Agent permission menu, and activating advanced record search.

Determining filter options (call setting)

In the highlighted record fields are used in a couple places, in the clien. In the case of callbacks in the other information section these field are visible. In case of the advanced record search is enabled, when advanced record search is used, the agents could use the highlighted record fields to search for records. Also when using the creating a new record, an agent could populate the same fields.

If no highlighted records field is not selected, only the contact field could be searched.

When using the advanced search option:

  • multiple fields could be filled in,
  • partial text could be searched as well
  • only unterminatad, available recrods will be in the result of a search
  • there is no case match, but accented character are differentiated in the search.

Agent timeframe setting

These values could be modified per project, in the call settings.

Max pause time: * sec (00:10:00) The maximum time an agent could spend on pause in seconds. Default setting is 10:00 minutes (600 sec).
Max talk time: * sec (00:10:00) It defines upper limit of talking time in seconds. Default setting is 10:00 minutes (600 sec).
Max prework time: * sec (00:02:00) It defines upper limit of prework time in seconds. Default setting is 2:00 minutes (120 sec).
Max registering idő: *sec (00:10:00) It defines upper limit of registering time in seconds. Default setting is 10:00 minutes (600 sec).


If an agent stays in any agent state longer, than the maximum limit, they will receive a notification of how many seconds, they have overused that specific agentstate.