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Contact Center settings

The Contact Center settings (CC Settings) options can be modified by logging in to the Admin page and selecting “CC Settings” from the menu displayed on the left (in the Contact Center section).

Or selecting Settings under Properties, navigating to General settings and clicking on the link on the top:

You can find your Contact Center specific settings here.

CC settings.
  • In register session timeout settings

    This option enables automatic logout of an agent when registering time limit is reached.

    The time limit can be specified (In register session timeout (sec)*) after which the agent will get logged out of Comnica CC.

  • Unanswered calls session limit settings

    Enables automatic logout or status change of an agent after a certain number of missed calls.

    The number of missed calls can be specified in the “Unanswered calls session limit *” input box.

    Disabling unanswered calls logout allows to switch the agent to a specific state (“Unanswered calls status name *).

  • Enable call history

    When active, the agent will be able to see the call history of a record in the Client based on the customer’s primary contact number.

    There is also a slider that can be activated to see call history only from projects that are assigned to an agent.

  • Show current script page in monitor

    This allows to show the current script page the agent is on while handling a call.

  • System notification in case of an incoming call

    In the case of an incoming call, even when the agent is not in “Waiting for client” state, the Client will still notify the agent about the call.