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System updates

Developments and modifications related to the Comnica Contact Center by date of availability

Scheduled report sending feature is now available.

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The default agent state when logging in to the Client can now be modified.

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Custom agent states can now be assigned to users.

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The IVR / IVR sounds menu is now available on the Comnica CC administration interface, which allows to modify the audio files of existing IVR structures or upload new sounds. A detailed description can be found at this link: IVR szerkesztő és hangfájlok.

Creating/Modifying users

In the Users menu, when creating and assigning a user to a project, the project assigning panel shows how many users are already assigned to a project.

Client error notifications

  • Error messages in the client are now displayed in statistics, they are filterable.
Sound downloader

  • Filtering options added: filter by terminations/projects.
  • Filters can be saved for later use.

Expanding Robinson list information

  • A robinson listák esetén annak a kampánynak a neve is megjelenik, amely kampányban a robinson listához rendelést elvégezték.
  • In the case of robinson lists, the name of the project in which the phone blocking happened is also displayed.

Query the data of several projects

  • sort campaigns into groups for easier transparency
  • generate the same report / display the same available data on multiple campaigns contained in a group