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Creating a new project

Outgoing project

  1. On the Administration page (, click on the Projects dropdown.
  2. Pick the Project list option.
  3. Click on the new project button located on the top right.
  4. Enter the desired project name and type (Outgoing).
  5. Click on Create, then you’ll be directed to the Project datasheet.
Creating outgoing project.

Incoming project

  1. At the Administration page (, click on Projects.
  2. Enter the desired project name and type (“Incoming project”).
  3. Click on Create.

To start a new incoming project further actions need to be taken. For help and information please feel free to contact Comnica Customer Service.


Database upload

  1. Click on the Database tab.
  2. Click on Database upload.
  3. Click on the caption that appears and browse the file or drag it to the data upload interface.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download sample file: comnica_cc_pelda_xls.xlsx

Suitable, accepted file formats are the following: .csv, .xls, .xlsx.


Please, pay particular attention to the following criterias when uploading data:

  • The database to be uploaded should contain a first line header, in which the contents of the columns are briefly and textually explained (e.g.: name, title, write, contract_identification).
  • The header must be exactly in the first row, all other rows below are counted as data.
  • It is important that you do not include a space, instead use an underscore _, e.g. contract_identifier.
  • The database may contain accents, but special characters should not be used.
  • System columns (terminating_code, next_call, etc.) will not be uploaded!
  • Your data header cannot contain more columns with the same name, the interface warns you in case you tried to upload two columns with the same header data.
  • You can enter any preferred name for the column containing the phone numbers (if it matches the criterias listed above).
  • In the file to be uploaded indicate the prefix (in the case of Hungarian numbers, start with 36).
  • Multiple phone/contact numbers can be added to a record as multiphone handling exists in the system.

The phone/contact numbers must be selected as a contact field.

In the contact field the country codes (prefixes) must be present (hungarian phone numbers should all start with 36).

Correct phone number format

Phone numbers can only be dialed if they’re uploaded in international format, without delimiters.

Correct number format.

Incorrect phone number formats: