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The call order of the records uploaded into (outgoing) projects can be fine-tuned by setting a priority value. Records with a higher and lower priority can be mixed, however, when calling a phone number, those with a higher priority are given a greater weight, and the system starts dialing them first.

Setting the priority of records

  1. It can be specified when creating a project or when uploading data into an existing one (this can be seen in the picture on the right).
  2. In the case of an already created project, a priority value can also be set to the uploaded data.
Prioritás megadása betöltésnél.

The priority value can only be between 0 and 10.

Records loaded without priority have no priority value, their value is empty.

Records that have a priority will be dialed sooner than those that have an empty value.

The system starts dialing the priority 10 record earlier than the 9, and so on…

rekord prioritas megadas

On the administrator interface of Comnica CC, with the appropriate authorization, the dialing of database records belonging to a project can be set.

On the Projects > Database tab, different priorities can be assigned (0 to 10) to records that meet the specified filter criteria.