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Project messages

Sent texts and e-mails can be monitored in the Projects / Project messages menu.

With using the filters, messages can be listed according to custom preferences. Besides the default filters, custom filters can be set up and saved for further use.

By clicking on the three dots next to the table header, columns with more information can be added or retrieved from the data block. Columns can also be sorted using the Drag & Drop technique. By clicking on the column headings the list can be sorted in ascending / descending order. The data block / generated report can be copied to the clipboard and is ready to be downloaded in .xls or.csv formats.

By clicking on the record, the user can review the actual message that has been sent out.

The default filter displays the following information:


Agent who sent out the message, using script actions.


The subject of the message that was sent.

To, CC, BCC:

The email addess or phone number which the message was sent to.


The name of the template used when the message was sent.


Name of the project from which the message was sent from.

Inserted at:

The exact moment when the send message button was actually clicked by the agent using the script.

Planned sending time:

This is the planned sending time. If there was a timed sending in place, or in case the immediate sending, the „Inserted at” time is set to the planned sending time.

Actual sending time:

The actual sending time of the message.


Whether the message was set up to be sent immediately or timed.

Message status:

  • Waiting to be sent: timed messages are in this status before they get sent out.
  • Sending in progress: the sending of the message is currently ongoing.
  • Delivered: the message was delivered to the recipient.
  • Delivery failed: the message did not reach the recipient.
  • Cancelled: the message was revoked from sending.