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Projects view

Projects can be filtered using the multiple dropdown menu options.

There are multiple parameters that can be adjusted by switching to this view, for example:

  • Ratio

    The Ratio of a project defines the number of calls initiated by the system per agent in “Waiting for customer” state (automatic dialing). If the agent’s waiting time is more than preferable, adjusting the ratio to achieve a more desired outcome (more calls initiated, therefore more calls connecting to agents) is recommended. Keep in mind that adjusting the Ratio too high can cause more call initiations at a given time which can result in unconnected calls, agents can fail to handle them in a timely manner.

    If an agent is logged into multiple projects, the ratio of each project takes that agent into account individually per project. This means that if an agent logged into two outgoing projects and the ratio is 2 for each project, then 4 calls will be initiated simultaneously for that one agent.

    The ratio has no effect on incoming projects.

    The maximum value of ratio set up manually is 6.

  • Priority

    The priority value of projects determines which project is set to be preferred for the agents. The higher value is more important.

    In case of an outgoing call direction project, more calls will be initiated from the higher priority project.

    Incoming projects are also affected by priority settings. When an agent is assigned for example to two incoming projects with different priorities, the higher priority one will be prefered and will try to connect to an available agent.

  • Auto

    The AUTO function can be enabled per project. The point is to check the agent and customer waiting times at intervals (30 seconds), and then reduce or increase the RATIO value as appropriate.

In the Projects view, Outgoing and Incoming projects are located separately under each other.

Clicking on a particular project will access their respective statistics, automatically generated by the system from existing data. Move the cursor above the ? icon to see what each statistic represents.

Monitor statistics.