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Details of available statistics

Statistics, that are available in Comnica Contact Center by default can be accessed via “Statistics”.


Call time

This report is used to show the total or average talk time, even by setting the filter for time intervals

  • by project,
  • per agent,
  • by termination categories,
  • or by selected terminations.

The number of conversations can also be displayed.

With the help of the headers, it is possible to group the results

  • by dates, or within specified time period,
  • by projects,
  • by agents,
  • by terminations,
  • by calldirection.

Database state

This is an aggregative report, which shows the state of the records in the active projects.

The data can be filtered in the following categories:

  • Project created – Exact date the project was created
  • Progress start – When a user (agent, supervisor, admin) enters a given project using the Comnica CC web client, the project is
    processed from that point on. The start of processing remains the same at all times.
  • Progress end – Exact time of the last user logout from a given project, updated continuously when the last user exits the project in
    the Comnica CC web client.
  • Loaded record – The total number of records uploaded in a project. This amount is updated based on the number of newly loaded
  • Terminated records – Number of terminated records
  • Unterminated records – Number of dialable, not yet terminated records
  • Not dialed records – The number of records that has never been called by an agent or the system. These can be already
    terminated records that have not yet been called.
  • Not yet dialed, dialable records – The number of records for which the system or agent has not yet initiated a call.
  • Success, reached, fail, neutral terminations – Default system termination categories that can be set in the script editor.
  • Sum talk count – The number of connected calls in a given call queue.
  • Virgin records – those unterminated records, which has not been called yet, and there has not been any work done on them yet (there is no callback set up, or no call has been initiated on the record)
  • Completion(%) – the ratio of unterminated records compared to all the records of the project.
  • Success of loaded records(%) – the ratio of terminated records with successfull termination category compared to all the records loaded to the project.Common list callbacks – the number of dialable common list callbacks at the moment of the query
  • Dedicated to agent callbaks – the number of dedicated to agent callbacks at the moment of the queryother dialable records – the number of dialable records, not included any callbacks, and no call has been initiated on them, and there no records, which have next call date.

Termination summary

  • Termination – The name of the default system-terminations or terminations specified in the script editor.
  • Description – A description of the terminations – Description to generated terminations can be added under “Terminations”.
  • Termination Category – Default system termination categories that can be set in the script editor.
  • Project – This value shows which projects the given terminations belong to.
  • Number – Number of terminations. It changes dynamically according to the filter criteria.

Callable records

  • Project – The name of the projects can be filtered that has previously been created.
  • Common list callbacks – The number callbacks that has not yet been connected to an agent in the common list.
  • Dialed by the system – The number of records the system automatically dials (when the agent is in ‘waiting for the customer’
  • SUM of unterminated records – The amount of dialable records changes dynamically according to the given filtering conditions.

Worklog detailed

  • Username – List of active agents assigned to projects or call queues.
  • Description – Description and explanation of the status of users. Default system terminations cannot be modified, although the descriptions of the created agent/work time statuses can be freely edited under “Agent States”.
  • Count as work – The states / statuses that count as work.Default Agent States – these are the agents states defined by the system.
  • Waiting for customer – In this state, the predictive dialing mode is activated. As soon as the dialer finds an available customer, the call is connected to the agent.
  • Taking a break
  • Talking – The call was answered and the agent is talking to the customer.
  • Registering – This status is active if the agent is still modifying the record after the call ended.
  • Waiting for callback – In this state, only the preset callbacks are assigned to the agent once they become available (within a certain time frame and the person to be called is available).
  • Manual Call – We have manually initiated a call that has not yet been answered.
  • Lunch
  • Education
  • Prework – In the case of manual work (for example, by clicking the magnifying glass button), we receive a record for which we have not yet initiated a call. By reviewing the extracted record, the agent can prepare to handle the call. In this case, the call is initiated by the agent.
  • Wanting to take a break – The agent requests change of state to the taking a break state.
  • Logging out – The agent requests to close the web Client.
  • Operator talk – When agents communicate with each other within the Web Client.
  • Queue change – When the agent switches to another queue.
  • Start – It shows the start of period a particular agent spent in a queue.
  • End – The end of period a particular agent spent in queue.
  • Duration – Lenght of time an agent has spent in a queue.
  • Project – Name of the project.
  • Queue – Name of the queue. (Multiple queue could belong to one project, we have the opportunity to filter the queues.)

Worklog statistics by agent, project and date.

In the worklog statistics, it is possible to review the ‘time spent in the system’ and the ‘time counts as work’ filtered by agents, projects, date and agent states.

Agent calls

This report is a list type statistic, which actually presents the calls made by the system for the agents. Regarding the calls, it shows which operator was called, how long the agent was ringed for, and how the agent answered the call.

Lost calls

This report provides support for incoming projects. It contains the incoming lost phone calls. For these phone numbers, the last call was an unsuccessful incoming call.

Custom stats

In this section custom created statistics are shown. These statistics are specifically created by our team, by specific requirements from customers. The creation of such statistics is not in scope of our support work, it can only be done by the developers. Regarding these statistics, filters and custom intervals can not be modified and the result will be shown by the originally requested specifications.

Client notifications

The notifications displayed in the Client can be monitored with the help of Client message statistics, e.g. “The connection was lost”, “An unexpected error occurred.”. In the case of the exit of the operators, the time of the event and the given agent can also be seen in these statistics.

The specific “Error Code” and the more eloquent “Message” are also visible, according to the category of logging level (warning, error, success). This statistic can be compared with the statistics of the agents’ working hours, if we want to find out, for example, whether several operators were affected by the given error event.