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The Comnica Contact Center system, there are 4 different system termination categories:
  • Success
  • Fail
  • Reached
  • Neutral

New terminations can be created on the script page of the projects. When a termination is created, it is mandatory to choose a system termination category and add a distinct name. The same termination can be used in different projects.

Default system terminations:

  • denied – unauthorized phone numbers are given this termination by the system.
  • wrongnumber – those phone numbers receive these terminations, which are not connected to phone provider in the Hungarian numeric field.
  • tries_limit_reached – related to outgoing projects, the record has reached the maximum number of call tries (the customer was unavailable, but the system tried to dial the given phone number).
  • no_subscriber – no subscriber has been found for the call.
  • sysrob – the phone number is already on the Robinson list (blocked numbers list).
  • redial – callback.
  • HIBA01 – the phone number uploaded to the system is in an incorrect format.