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Creating new users

On the Administration page (, click on Users.

Click on “+ New user”.

You will then be directed to the New User data-sheet.

New user can only be created as an Admin.

The information for a new user is

  1. Full name *
  2. Username *
  3. E-mail address
  4. Phone numberIn case the 2FA is enabled for the system the agents will be sent a code to their phone number for each login.
* Fields marked with red stars are mandatory.

As a next step a temporary password has to be set up, then the details need to be saved and a new user is added to the system.

A user role has to be choosen for the newly created user. Their role can be agent, requester, supervisor or admin, external agent.

After creating a new agent, they need to be added their respective projects. By clicking on modify project assigment, an administrator can define which language queues the agent will be able to log into. The weight of the queue can also be changed. The numeric values in the Weight column shows the queue’s weight value. Agents will more likely to get calls in a project with higher weight value.

Only a user with admin or supervisor role can create new users.

New user data sheet

Full name: * Type in the new user’s full name (surname, last name).

Username: * Type in the new user’s username. This is the username that the user will use to log in. Usernames are case sensitive. For example, if the username is “James”, it should be capitalized when logging in.

E-mail address: The email address is optional.

User state: Use the slider to activate or deactivate the user status. Inactive users are not able to use any Comnica CC features.

* Fields marked with red stars are mandatory.

Temporary password

When adding a new user, the system will ask for a temporary password. This temporary password can be used by the new user to log in to the system and change their temporary password to the one they would like to use. After the new password have been set, they will be unable to log in with the temporary one.

Operator client settings

In the case of deactivating ‘Project selection enabled in the Client’, the agent will not have the opportunity to choose a project/queue, the agent will automatically enter all assigned projects. The agent will not be able to change this setting within the client. If the ‘Project selection enabled in the Client’ is active, the agent can choose from the call lines assigned to him when starting the client using a drop-down menu (several can be selected at the same time).