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User roles

The default role of a user is agent. Other options are also available like external agent, requester, identification reviewer, supervisor and admin.

The user’s role decides, which functionalities are available for them on the administration page.

  • Admin

    Has access to all functions.

  • Supervisor

    Oversees agents’ work. Has access to the following pages: Monitor, Client, Projects, Terminations, Statistics, Calls, Project messages, Users, Settings.

  • Identification reviewer

    When video identification features in Comnica CC are enabled for a customer, the Identification Reviewer becomes available. It’s not a default role. This role allows the user to view media (video recordings), create and review video recordings.

  • Requester

    Can only access recordings and project lists.

  • Agent

    Allowed to log in to the Client and initiate/recieve calls.

  • External Agent

    Only appears on the Monitor page and statistics. No access to Comnica CC.

The agents can also access the administration page of the system, (, where they can review their own worklog statistics.