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Auto & UCS2 character encoding

In the SMS messages, you can use auto encoding, which contains basic characters or UCS2 character encoding dedicated to the use of characters outside of those that are available in auto mode.

auto character encoding

By default, an SMS consists of max. 160 characters.

If the text to be sent exceeds 160 characters and can only be sent out in multiple messages, then all messages max characters are reduced to 153 characters.

1 sms > 160 char max.
2 sms > 153 char max. + 153 char max.

The system tries to convert the Hungarian characters not included in the 7-bit GSM code table into formally similar, permitted symbols, according to the table below:

desired á í ó ő ú ű Á Í Ó Ő Ú Ű
actually sent à ì ò ö ù ü Å I ò Ö ù Ü

ucs2 character encoding

By choosing UCS2 encoding, an SMS basically consists of 70 characters.

Each letter or character is displayed as desired.

If the text to be sent consists of several SMS, this value is reduced to 67 characters (so 67 characters must be counted per SMS).

When sending out a landing page or form, the system uses a link abbreviation,

which means a fixed number of characters in terms of the length of the SMS, in all cases.

E.g.: (22 characters in total).