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The Landing page (arrival page or campaign page) in marketing communication campaigns is used to explain in more detail the message that can be delivered on the given media interface (e.g. in the form of an SMS in this case) and to provide additional interaction opportunities to the target group.

By sending visitors to well-targeted landing pages, you can greatly increase the chance that visitors will reach the intended conversion goal, such as asking for an offer.

The use of well-targeted landing pages shortens the path to conversion as absolutely necessary and prevents visitors from just browsing the website without the original goal, e.g. looking for an RFP.

– Source: Wikipedia

Creating a landing page

Survey - Landing page type
  1. After a successful login, choose Survey in the left menu sidebar,
  2. then click on “Create new” button on the right.

3. In the pop-up panel, enter the name of the survey, then select its type (Landing page),

4. click on Create.

Editing the landing page

Landing page editor.

1. Edit landing page name

To change the name of the created landing page, click on the “…” button next to the name of the landing page datasheet and click “Edit name”.

In the case of the landing page, this name is not displayed for the party receiving the SMS message.

2. Insert link

To insert a link, click the insert link button.

In the “Edit landing link” window, enter the URL address of the landing page to be sent via SMS, then click the OK button. You can see a red text prompt below the input field that suggests a correct url, when it detects that an incorrectly formatted url has been provided.

If you want to change the given link, click on “Edit Link” located in the upper right corner of the Landing page link setting panel.

3. Meta informations

Many SMS reader interfaces require Open Graph metadata, such as SMS link preview on mobile. These values can be customized in the Meta information section.

The ideal image size is 1200×630 pixels, which you can upload by clicking the “Change image” button.

If no upload has taken place, the message will be sent with the default Comnica image displayed on the left.

*We cannot guarantee that the uploaded image will be displayed by the phone, as it depends on the settings of the given phone.

Landing page options

4. Unsubscribe

By clicking on “Edit meta fields”, you can provide the text that will be available for the recipient to unsubscribe.

5. Publishing the landing page

To insert the landing page in the SMS template, it is necessary to publish it.


After finalization, the information provided on the data sheet can no longer be modified.

6. Visibility of the landing page

If the visibility of the landing page is active, by clicking on the 22-character link generated by the system in the sent SMS message, the user will be redirected to the link specified when editing the landing page.

Before publishing the landing page, the visibility cannot be activated. If the landing page is already published, you can change its visibility by using the switch.

The created landing page can be embedded in an SMS when creating a Mass SmartSMS project.

When sending out a landing page or form, the system uses a link abbreviation, which means a fixed number of characters in terms of the length of the SMS, in all cases.

E.g.: (22 characters in total).