Providing comprehensive support

Our colleagues are always available and respond immediately to your requests.



We help you to get the most out of your contact center

We map your company environment, reveal the problematic processes, and propose you a customization for the solution. We help you to initiate the software, get familiar with the interfaces and functions, even to draft customer interaction scenarios and scripts. To master the system we provide online or personal trainings.

We are always available

Customer services also need customer service, even if everything works fine. In case of problems our support team is always available – we even provide 24/7/365 monitoring if required. Our colleagues respond immediately to requests. In case intervention is needed, we provide direct support through our built-in remote desktop function.

We share all our knowledge

We created an ever-expanding knowledge base for Comnica CC. The page introduces the most important concepts and metrics of customer services, provide detailed technical instructions about the software, and gives useful tips to benefit the most on its advantages. We continuously expand the FAQ menu based on the most recent customer feedback and our latest improvements.



Communication through secure network

We connect to our clients’ systems through secure SSL TLS protocol. All their calls and messages are forwarded via our high availability data centers.

Continuous system monitoring

The Comnica support team and our extensive monitoring system provide 24/7 performance control of our entire infrastructure, in all service areas. We place our devices geo-redundantly, in distributed server rooms to keep our SLA metrics above the industry-average 99.9%.

Traffic on multiple routes

We built our services on a physically distributed, multi-redundant infrastructure, so that all the calls and messages can get through safe and sound. In case an error occurs at one of our carrier partners, our system immediately redirects the traffic to another route, without human intervention.