customer service

2019. 07. 16.

6 professional customer experience hacks we learned from the world’s best call center

Imagine a webshop with 7000 incoming calls each day, most of them answered within an average of 20 seconds. The customer service staff randomly surprises customers with flowers, cookies, and meaningful conversations up to 11 hours long. Zappos, an online fashion retailer based in Las Vegas, operates the world’s best customer service 24 hours a […]


2019. 07. 02.

How to measure customer service performance? Introduction to the metrics of success

13 billion dollars: that’s the stunning amount of profit with which Verizon, the American telco company stands out from its competitors. Guess why? It’s thanks to their above-average customer satisfaction. Whether you’re big or small, if you live off your customers, you have to measure satisfaction. To do so, you need to know your KPIs. […]