Comnica Video Showroom

Love at first stream

Customers want an instant touch with your latest car models, so let them have their first impression from their couch. Comnica Video Showroom allows your dealers to connect customers via their smartphones or laptops and take them for an online carpool ride.

Video showrooming is an ideal first step to pursue your customer to register for a test drive, and carry on with the buying process personally. Or digitally.

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Branded online showroom

Screensharing for configuration

Offer assembling

End-to-end online selling

Customer ID verification

Digital contract signing

Sales lead reporting

The velocity of selling online

With Comnica Video Showroom you can simulate the steps of a face-to-face visit in your dealership set in your own branded environment. Our web-based system is accessible anytime, anywhere for your crew.

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Want to go fully online?

We can help with that too. Real fans of your brand might not even need a test drive to make their choice. If they want to make a purchase right after the video showrooming, you can guide them through it fully online.


Price quotation, video or selfie identification, contracting and documentation: you can manage that through our platform 100% digitally.

Simple steps in a fast forward mode

Guide your customer from the first “hello” to the test drive and beyond.


1. Onboarding and qualification

Your customer visits your website and asks for a video showroom demo. Your salesperson makes a first contact via mobilephone and qualifies her as a potential lead.

2. Welcome to the showroom

The system sends a link to your customer via e-mail or SMS. With a click the customer finds herself face-to-face with a dealer in the video showroom.

3. Let the showcase begin

The dealer welcomes the customer and the car demo begins: switching to his mobile he approaches the car in the saloon introducing it from the inside out. The camera of his phone brings every detail in close proximity: varnish, trunk space, interior fabric or rims.

4. Configuration & registering for a testdrive

Once the showcase is over, the dealer goes back to his desk, and continues the talk with the customer on his desktop device. After finding the perfect configuration the dealer is ready to complete the offer and the customer can register for a testdrive.

5. Identity verification

In case the customer would skip the testdrive, they also can hit the purchase button immediately. Once the offer is accepted, the contract can be shared in the same user profile. The customer is invited to a verification process to confirm their identity with Comnica ID.

6. Signing the contract, handover

If the identification is successful the customer can sign the contract digitally with any e-signature solution integrated to our system. Once the order is finalised, documentation and details of the transport status and handover will be shared with the customer.


With digitalization the whole buying process can be done significantly faster in a secure environment.


Track, control and evaluate your dealerships performance by receiving precise, recorded details about the online buying process.


Our product is safe and secure, fulfills the most strict AML requirements and can be easily integrated in your existing CRM-DMS systems.

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